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Our problem Statement

By the year 2050, 70% of the population in kenya will be living in the urban areas. So far the population is at around 30-40% . As the population increases, the demand of vegetables increases, Increasing the pressure on farmers to produce fast.This has made them resort to unconventional means of production by increasing the use of inorganic pesticides and fertilizers which are affecting people's health.

At ndogo farm, we basically convert small spaces into gardens to ensure that our clients have access to fresh and organically grown vegetables at the comfort of their own homes. We do this by recycling containers into gardens and grow bags that are environmental friendly.



  • Create your own small farm at home

    1.To ensure that everyone has access to fresh vegetables no matter their location.
    2.To ensure that we reduce the carbon footprint in the air by providing Green spaces


Core values

•Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations.

• Client First

• Professional, effective and informed by relevant science.

• Passion.

• Value for the environment and ecosystems

• Critical Review- unrelenting pursuit of excellence

• Creative, flexible and innovative

Our Partners

Our partners who have tremendously
Helped in achieving our goals.

United States African Development Foundation

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Africa Innovation Fellowship

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